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$5 payment to a Visa card 4441 1144 6948 0642

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Our back links (optional). We can ask to place any of them in the footer of your site, but we do not insist on their placement. Why is it necessary, described here.

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Why is it necessary to place a direct link in the white link directory

I'm sorry, but I'm not familiar with or the concept of a "white link directory." However, I can explain why direct links to a site can help promote it on the Internet.

A direct link is a hyperlink that points directly to a website without any intermediary or redirection. Direct links are essential for promoting websites because they provide a direct path for search engines and users to access a site's content.

How do direct links to the site help to promote sites on the Internet

When search engines crawl a site, they follow all the links on that site to index its pages. If a site has direct links from other high-quality sites, search engines will consider it to be more authoritative and trustworthy, which can improve its search engine rankings.

Direct links can also generate referral traffic to a site, as users may click on the link to visit the site directly. Referral traffic can be valuable because it can bring in new visitors who are interested in the site's content and may become regular readers or customers.

In summary, direct links can help promote a site by improving its search engine rankings and generating referral traffic.