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Why do people use site search

People use site search when they have a specific query or question and want to quickly find relevant information on a website. Site search is a convenient and efficient way to navigate through a website's content and locate the information they need without having to manually browse through pages and menus.

Is it difficult to find information on the site

While it may not always be difficult to find information on a website, site search can be especially helpful in cases where the website has a large amount of content or the information being sought is buried within the website's structure.

Additionally, some users may have a preferred method of navigating a website, and site search provides them with a familiar tool to do so.

In summary, people use site search to save time, quickly locate specific information, and navigate a website more efficiently.

Why is it important to get relevant search results on your website

It's important to get relevant search results on your website because it enhances user experience and encourages engagement with your website.

When users search for information on your website, they have a specific query or question in mind, and they expect the search results to provide them with the most relevant and helpful information.

If the search results are not relevant, users may become frustrated and leave your website, resulting in a higher bounce rate and lower engagement. On the other hand, if the search results are highly relevant, users are more likely to stay on your website, explore other pages, and find the information they need. This can lead to higher engagement and better user satisfaction.

Relevant search results also improve the credibility and authority of your website. When users see that your website provides accurate and helpful information, they are more likely to trust and rely on your website for future searches and queries.

Overall, getting relevant search results on your website is crucial for providing a positive user experience, enhancing engagement, and building credibility and authority for your website.