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Q-Techno is a tse internet store, which is the practice throughout the whole territory of Ukraine. The managers of our tight partnerships with other legal companies and stores at our customers є the ability to remove goods directly from the stores of our partners. More than 40 stores across the entire territory of Ukraine, details can be found in the contact section. On top of that, our partner Nova Poshta gives our customers a discount of up to 60% for delivery, for details it is possible to get information on delivery.

Q-Techno is a leading online store that operates across Ukraine. Our strong partnerships with various legal companies and stores allow our customers to conveniently pick up products directly from our partner stores. With over 40 partner stores spread throughout the country, you can find more information in the contact section. Additionally, our partnership with Nova Poshta offers customers a generous discount of up to 60% on delivery services. For more details on delivery, please refer to the information provided. Q-Techno is an internet store operating throughout Ukraine with over 40 partner stores across the country. Customers have the option to pick up goods directly from partner stores. Additionally, customers can enjoy discounts of up to 60% on delivery through our partnership with Nova Poshta. For more information, please refer to the contact section for details on store locations and delivery information.

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